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18th to 22th August 2018 Helgoland Island EU-127 GIA N-14

2017 GIA O-20

Lighthouse DE0073

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2016 Czech Port Hamburg

2015 Kingdom of Romkerhall
Harz Mountains

2014/13 GIA N-06
Baltrum Island

2011 GIA O-10
Koos Island

2011 GIA O-29
kleiner Daenholm Island

2011 GIA O-36
Rohrplan Island

2010 GIA O-34
Grot Deil Island

2010 GIA O-30
Ahrensberg Island

2010 GIA O-37
Kastenwerder Island

2010 GIA O-38
Weidenschwanz Island

2009 GIA O-32
Warder Island

2008 GIA O-09
Riems Island

2008 GIA O-31
Schlossinsel Island

2008 GIA O-35
Grosser Wotig Island

2007 GIA N-36
Hamburger Hallig Island

2007 GIA N-24
Nordstarnd Island

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